CW Fall Preview


Since its launch in 2007, The CW has been trying to make a name for themselves.  In the past years they have done just that by being able to have not just one but four DC universe shows.  They are also being able to receive awards with show like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Last year when CBS said they were going to have the DC show, Supergirl, a lot of people thought that is the wrong network for the show.  Everyone believed the show belonged on the network that brought DC comic to life, The CW.  After season one of the hit show The CW made an announcement saying that Supergirl is flying to a new home for season two.

The CW has always been known on starting their seasons late. That is a smart move on their part because once the hype of the other shows is done and over people will be talking about the shows that is starting for them.  The CW is the only network to renew all of their primetime shows, which is unheard of for any broadcast tv network.  Emmy Award winning shows like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are returning  for new seasons.  They also still have the thrilling show, Supernatural, coming back for a 12th season.  This show was originally on the WB Network.  

the-vampire-diariesAlso this 2016/2017 season for The CW has one show that’s been on the network for years  coming to an end.  The Vampire Diaries has made The CW a household name and brought it to millions of people and is now coming to ending after eight seasons.

I can’t wait for all of the new and amazing programming to start on this network.  Make sure to let us know which show you are most excited for.

Image Credit: The CW

Video Credit: The CW

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