The Flash’s EP Todd Helbing Talks About Season 3

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Last week was the season premiere of “The Flash” on The CW.  When the episode started you were able to see what life for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was like in the Flashpoint timeline.  While Barry’s life seemed to be better for him by having both parents alive, he also was able to see how different life was for Iris, Joe and Wally West,  in the end Barry wanted to try and fix his mistake and make everything back to normal.  He didn’t know that it would be much harder to do that.  We will have to tune in tomorrow night on The CW at 8/7p to see how Barry will work things out in this timeline.

So of course there are multiple questions about the season and Entertainment Weekly was able to sit down with the EP, Todd Helbing, to get some answers for everyone.

If you watched the season premiere, you know that Iris and Joe are not on the best of terms right now.  Todd was able to say this about that:

“…the reason why Iris and Joe don’t speak right now outside of Flashpoint is due to something that happened in season 2, but that’s all I can tell you.”

It also seems like Iris and Joe are not the only characters who are affected by Flashpoint.  Todd was able to give us just a very tiny scoop on what that means:

“The STAR Labs team is all the same as it was before he left, but there are small things that have had different outcomes that ripple through our team. It’s kind of affected everybody one way or another. I don’t want go into too much detail and ruin the episode for people, but you’ll see how each character has been affected.”

the-flash-3x01-promo-photo-2The other big news about tomorrow night’s episode is that Tom Felton joins “The Flash” cast in the episode.  His character is going to be a rival CSI so of course there is going to be tension between his character and Grant’s.

“We always felt that Barry has this sort of freedom on the show as the only CSI investigator, to go out and get all the information that he needs to help him solve these metahuman crimes. So we felt, to complicate those matters, why don’t we give him a rival in his office space? That was really the idea behind bringing in Tom, [which] was to create this character who was a huge obstacle in Barry being able to get the information he needs that he normally was able to. So, it’s another consequence of Flashpoint. He comes out of it and now there’s this guy in his office who is the lead CSI and is thwarting his ability to get the information he needs to stop these metas.”

That is just some of the scoop that Todd was talking to Entertainment Weekly about.  If you want to read the whole article feel free to head over to  And remember to watch “The Flash” tomorrow night on The CW at 8/7p.

Source: Entertainment Weekly – “The Flash boss teases dangerous consequences of Flashpoint”
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW


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