This Is Us Episode Recap 1×03

If you’re not watching NBC’s This Is Us, you might be in the minority.  Their strong premiere ratings have stayed steady with episode 2 and even after a week off and coming back at an earlier timeslot, episode 3 proved that 9.8 million people (myself included) are in LOVE with the show.

Can you blame them?

this-is-us-2With strong writing, heartfelt plot points and an amazing cast, This Is Us leaves me on a high after every episode.  Creator Dan Fogelman has carefully crafted episodes that remind me of a kaleidoscope.  With each glance through the eyepiece, we see a unique glimpse into the life of the Pearson family.  The flashbacks have a genuine and strong connection to the modern-day plot, so even though they don’t follow a normal timeline from episode to episode, they’re still relevant.  (Spoilers for the first 3 episodes below.)

Episode 3 picked up directly following the metaphorical bomb that was dropped in the last moments of episode 2 with Grandma Rebecca and Grandpa Miguel showing up at Randall’s front door.  Although they’ve still yet to explain how that happened (I’m genuinely curious, because in the flashbacks Rebecca and Jack are SO in love it hurts… so how she ends up with his best friend is beyond me…)

With a twist of its own in episode 3, I can’t help but wonder when Dan Fogelman will stop surprising me (I hope it’s never… because I’m SO IN for all of it thus far).  I both loved and hated the fact that Rebecca met William directly after adopting the son he abandoned.  But one thing is for sure, Fogelman loves showing just how much this family will sacrifice for each other.  From Kate leaving a hot makeout session with Toby to come to her brother’s rescue, to Kevin firing her as his assistant to give her the freedom to discover who she is on her own, to us learning that Rebecca named Randall after his birth mother’s favorite poet.  I find myself a little more emotionally compromised after every episode, but This Is Us has a way of making me love every moment of my heartache.

This Is UsFor now, I’m staying away from spoilers for future episodes, because I LOVE being surprised every week.  I do hope Dr. K (for whom Kevin and Kate were named) makes more appearances.  His advice for young parents Jack and Rebecca is always heartfelt and profound.  The show as a whole delivers messages that are important and relevant to today without sounding preachy.  I have high, high hopes for This Is Us.  And so far, it’s meeting and exceeding them all!

Tune in Tuesdays at 9/8C on NBC to follow the Pearson family’s 30+ year journey and be ready to gush with me on Twitter @FrontRowCas or in the comments below!

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