Supernatural Episode Review: Mamma Mia

What the what?!? Sam is sleeping with his captor!!!


Gotcha! That was just more mind games courtesy of the writers. Now back to our regular scheduled programming of pure torture.

Dean is back to being Dean; the self proclaimed “Protector.” But Mamma ain’t having it. He needs to start getting used to being taken care of but no one said he has to like it. He is not used to being told what to do that’s for sure. Well suck it up Dean, because Mamma bear is back. She is kicking ass and takin’ names!

It looks like Lady Antonia has finally found Sam’s weakness… his brother. With “Angry Spice” holding both the brothers hostage, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Mamma Winchester came to the rescue. Her coming in at the last second to save the boys is what I am going to live for this season. However, this scene a prime example how having her back in the boy’s lives is going to make their job even more difficult. Giving their enemies another weakness to exploit. I have a feeling this is going to stress out Dean the most. Speaking of enemies exploiting weaknesses, Mick I dub thee “McShady” because I  trust you just as little as the Winchesters do. Bring it on McShady. You can’t get rid of a Winchester, many have tried and many have failed.

Between “Don’t make things needlessly complicated as you humans do.”- Castiel and “We should call the internet and find out as much as we can about these people.” – Mary (aka Mamma Winchester) these writers are killing me. Castiel has the best one liners! He is one of the most quotable characters on television. But watch out Cas, Mamma Winchester is quickly catching up to you. How true is Cas’s quote, though? We always make things so much more complicated than they need to be. It is a quality that I find most annoying about us.

Meanwhile, Rowena is up to her old tricks again (pun intended) and Crowley is back to calling her out on them. Oh, how I have missed their playful banter. They make quite the team. Crowley successfully recruited her to his mission to find Lucifer, who seems to be having some fun in Rick Springfield’s skin for the moment. What better way to raise some Hell in the mortal realm than as a rock star? Of course, when they finally catch up to him Crowley sticks to true form and runs away from the danger and leaves mummy dearest behind.

I leave you with these final thoughts… Mamma Winchester and Sammy reunited. Now this doesn’t want to make me say “poor Sam”. Also, does Dean still like pie? Psshh! Has Dean ever not liked pie?!?

Tune in next Thursday for episode 3 and check out the preview below to help hold you over until then.


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