Recap | “The Flash” 3×03 “Magenta”

There comes a time on every show where that ship they’ve been building tries to sail off into the sunset. This season of “The Flash” seems to be WestAllen’s time. However, whether it will be off into the sunset or a straight shot to the bottom of the ocean remains to be seen.

the-flash-magenta-promo-photo-1In the start of the episode, “Magenta,” we see the couple trying to go out on their first date. It was cute how they had Barry (Grant Gustin) excited and nervous at the same time! Definitely made me think of the first time we saw Barry on “Arrow”. Fixing the flowers he got for her twice? Adorable. Unfortunately, when the couple is at the restaurant you can’t help but feel like the chemistry between the two fizzles into nothing. It’s probably a good thing that they ended up getting called into Star Labs as the breach between Earth 1 and Earth 2 was open. Before the episode is over we see Barry attempting to have a second date with Iris (Candice Patton), this time with the idea of them just being themselves and using his power to take them to a location for a date.  While this one again gets called off early, due to Barry needing to go to the police station, the plus to this is that they were able to have a little bit of chemistry come back during this short lived second date.

When Barry and Iris get to the lab they find out that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) isn’t able to close the breach. So when they see someone start coming through they can’t help but get ready for another bad guy, just to find out it ends up just being Harry (Tom Cavanagh) and Jesse (Violett Beane). This whole season to me seemed off and I think I found out why. There was no Dr. Wells – he brings something to the show that is missing in the past few episodes of this season. But like typical Harry Wells he needs something. It ends up needing the team to help talk Jess out of using her powers.

That’s right! Jesse is now a speedster. When she and Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) were hit with the dark matter last season she thought she was going to become a metahuman but every test they did afterword showed that she was not the case. It turns out that she “jump started” her powers by having a car come towards her and running away from it. Ever since then, she said she doesn’t want to stop running and she wants to use her powers for good. Henry, of course, doesn’t want this – which is why he has come back to Earth 1. Henry is hoping that he can get the team to talk her out of wanting to become a hero. Whereas, Jesse came to Earth 1 with the intentions to train and become like the flash.  It takes Jesse helping Barry with the tanker for Harry to realize that this is what she should be doing and at the end of the episode he gives her a uniform to wear when she is helping Barry.

With all of this going on Wally remains quiet and distant until he confesses that he’s been having dreams of his Flashpoint life. So, after hearing how Jesse got her powers Wally thinks he can “jump start” his powers, so he steps in traffic. This doesn’t help Wally get his powers, in fact he ends up getting saved by Jesse. Barry finds out and tells Wally how dangerous that was and he should just accept that he doesn’t have powers. I feel like this is the point of the relationship between Barry and Wally where you can see Barry caring for Wally. Wally doesn’t feel that way and thinks Barry just wants one speedster in the family. But that isn’t the case, because Wally is unaware that Barry saw Wally die in the Flashpoint timeline.

the-flash-magenta-promo-photo-3Now for the best part of the show, the weekly bad guy…. or girl in this case.  Frankie (Joey King) is a foster kid that isn’t in the best foster home. Alchemy ends up playing on this situation by going into the dreams that Frankie is having about her Flashpoint timeline life and giving her the powers she had in the Flashpoint timeline. Frankie does end up going back to Alchemy later in the episode.  Alchemy convinces Frankie that she needs to get rid of her foster father. Frankie thought she would use a tank from the bay to go into the hospital where her stepfather was.  Barry runs to the hospital to find out what is going on and gets the idea that if he runs in a figure eight he will be able to hold up the tanker so it won’t fall on the hospital.  Needing some help this is where Jesse comes in and ends up keeps running that figure eight for Barry while he talks to Frankie. Barry was able to talk to Frankie and get her to stop and no one got hurt.  What I thought was different is that instead of locking Frankie up like they have in past seasons they let her go and say that if she ever needs help to control her powers to give them a call and they will help her.  Will the writers be using this later in the season to try and fight Alchemy? I guess we will have to keep watching to find out.

What is very interesting about this is that Wally admitted that he’s been having dreams about his Flashpoint timeline life. Does that mean that Alchemy is going to be going after him next? If Wally does get powers, will he be using them for good or evil? Also, will the WestAllen ship sink or will it be able to float again? I guess we will have to keep watching to find out.

Make sure to tune in to the all-new episode of “The Flash” next week on The CW, where we finally get to meet Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) mom – and maybe explore the fact Caitlin is showing signs that she’s metahuman.

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