Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Countdown- Nov 2

If you have lived in a small town like I have you can’t help but relate to the events that happened in Stars Hollow. We here at Front Row Chat are taking a day to mention our favorite top five events. And remember to tell us your favorite events!

Top 5 Town Events

Aubrey – Picnic Basket Auction (S2E13): “It’s quaint, isn’t it? The women make a nice lunch basket, men bid on it, the world rotates backwards on its axis.” Lorelai being so cynical speaks to me, but I also find the tradition just a little bit adorable. And heck, I’ll admit I’ve found myself in a dating rut large enough that I’d consider the auction before. Though if we’re being honest, the men will do the cooking if they know what’s good for them. Pretty sure Lorelai and I agree on that. 😉

Hannah- End of Summer Madness Festival (S3E1) There is something wonderful about celebrating the end of summer and Stars Hollow did it up right. I loved the same song on repeat and the atmosphere of it all. This also really brings Rory’s feelings for Jess into light and all the drama that comes after that. It’s still one of my favorite episodes.

Lisa- Knit-A-Thon Festival (S7E9) This is the first town event that Christopher got to witness. It is also his introduction as Lorelai’s husband. I’m not sure why but I love how this event makes her second guess her choice in marrying Christopher. He also makes himself more of an outsider when he donates over $7,000 to save the bridge so they end the Knit-A-Thon seven hours early. What I love about this is how it shows the town just wants to do stuff together no matter how silly it could be, and it also shows they are there for each other no matter what.

Sairah- Liz and TJ’s wedding (S4E21) I know that this is not an official town event but the whole town was there and it was in the middle of the town square, so close enough. I just love this event because I feel that is was a very important Luke and Lorelai moment.

Cassie- Festival of Living Pictures (S4E7) Lorelai desperate to be the Renoir Girl. Kirk really getting into the spirit (no pun intended) of being Jesus in the Last Supper. Sookie handing out pagers for the birth of her baby. What could possibly go wrong? Then again, this is Stars Hollow we’re talking about here.

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