Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Countdown- Nov 3

There are few things that are quite as satisfying as hearing Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) rant up a storm about something on Gilmore Girls.  So for our third day of our countdown to Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite rants from Luke.  Have one that we missed? Leave us a comment below or tweet us @FrontRowChat!

Nov 3- Top 5 Luke Rants

Hannah- The Great Town Debate of Luke and Lorelai (S5E2) 

Luke: Okay, that’s it. I’ve heard enough. [Fed up, Luke walks to the stage and yanks up the charts off their easels, and yells at the towns people] This is my relationship — mine, not yours, not yours, not yours, [looks at Lorelai] yours, but not yours. Mine and hers but not – (looking pointedly at Taylor) yours! There’s not gonna be any more debating about whether or not it’s a good idea if we’re in a relationship, ’cause we’re in a relationship.

I love this rant so much! It’s probably because I love the episode so much that it falls as my favorite, but it is. His passion in that moment. It will always be a favorite scene of mine.

Lisa- The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale (S4E2) This episode just shows how much of a father figure Luke was to Rory and that he was really there for all of the big moments in her life.  The rant I picked was Lorelai taking the mattress that came with Rory’s dorm and bringing it back to Stars Hallow to have Luke keep until she moves out of the dorm.

Lorelai: Well, I can’t take it back to Yale.
Luke: I’m not storing your microbe mattress, forget it.
Lorelai: Well, then I’m stuck here.
Luke: Fine, because I need my truck back.
Lorelai: Fine, but that leaves you with the mattress.
Luke: I’m not taking the mattress.
Lorelai: Then let me take the truck.
Luke: But that means you take the mattress.
Lorelai: I can’t take the mattress.
Luke: Then you can’t have the truck.
Lorelai: But that sticks you with the mattress.
Luke: If you take the truck, it comes with the mattress.
Lorelai: I can’t take the mattress.
Luke: Then you can’t have the truck.
Lorelai: And that sticks you with the mattress.
Luke: We’ve been here before.
Lorelai: I recognize that tree.

Sairah- When Luke compares Rory to Pippi (S5E5) This rant makes me understand why Rory turned Logan’s proposal down.

Luke: [stubbornly] He’s not good enough for her.

Lorelai: Well, who is? Jess?pippi

Luke: No, not Jess. A prince, maybe. One that’s in line to be king. Not one of those waiting-for-a-brother-to-die ones, but a real one. If not a prince, someone who’s gonna be good for her. You know, Rory is like Pippi.

Lorelai: Pippi?

Luke: She can have adventures and be free, she’s smart. The whole world’s waiting for her.

Lorelai: [disbelief] You’re comparing Rory to Pippi Longstocking?

Luke: [counting attributes on his fingers] Pippi is strong and independent. She can lift a horse above her head. Uh-huh. And beat up bullies and build a hot-air balloon. She’s unique, like Rory. But I guarantee you, if Pippi had met Dean, [Lorelai sighs] there would be no horse, no balloons. He’d drag her down to his level, spend all her gold coins, and poof, like that, all her dreams would be gone.

Cassie-  This is my favorite for so many reasons.  First, it really shows just how much Luke cares about not only Lorelai, but Rory too.  I always thought he was the best father figure she ever had on the show, long after Christopher started coming around more.  On top of that, this is the moment before Lorelai proposes.

Luke: Okay, I’m sorry. I have to jump in here. Uh, I know you think you have this thing handled, but I can help. First off, we call Yale and we tell them something like, uh, Rory had a chemical imbalance and she was mentally out of her mind when she told llthem she was dropping out. And then we get her out of your parents house whatever way we can. We lock her up in her room with you, because you can talk anybody into anything. And if worse comes to worst, we will drive her to school every day and we will follow her to class and camp out there to make sure she goes. I’ll take morning classes, you take afternoon classes, or the other way around, if it works out better for your schedule. And I know there’s a few kinks to work out, the kidnapping thing might be a little problematic but either way, she is not quitting school. This was her dream. I am not going to let this happen.”(S5E22)

Aubrey- Luke: Tradition is a trap that allows people to stick their head in the sand. Everything in the past was so quaint, so charming. Times were simpler. Kids didn’t have sex. Neighbors knew each other. It’s a freaking fairytale. Things sucked then, too. It just sucked without indoor plumbing. (S1E8)

Check back to see what other goodies we’ve got in store for you guys!  Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives on Netflix Nov. 25.

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