Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Countdown – Nov. 12

Where would life in Stars Hollow be without Paris Geller (Liza Weil)?  Well, Stars Hollow might not be very different, but Gilmore Girls certainly would have been.  Who would have ever thought that the crazy, competitive rival of Rory’s would become not only one of her best friends, but a wonderful source comedic relief?  Our top five Paris moments are below.  Let us know if yours made the cut by commenting or tweeting us @FrontRowChat

Aubrey- Paris, being Paris.


I’m cheating today because I honestly can’t narrow it down to just one moment. Paris speaking her mind, Paris not putting up with anyone’s idiocy, Paris being strong, and Paris seeking out advice when she needed to. In my opinion this is the character who saw the most growth throughout the series, without ever really losing touch with who she was.

But, that’s not how this thing works, so if I’m hardpressed to pick a moment let’s go with this: Paris calling out the stupidity around her.

Hannah- Paris talks to Logan at their door after Rory breaks up with him. (S6E17)


I really love the Paris/Rory friendship and how protective they are of each other.  Paris confronting Logan is just so grand and telling him what she really thinks was a long time coming and it was my favorite.  Also, before this when Paris and Rory are sitting eating Chinese food and lamenting about men is probably a favorite part too.  I can’t wait to see what Paris is up to in the revival and what words of wisdom she gives to Rory.


Lisa- Paris having a breakdown on live tv saying she didn’t get into Harvard because she had sex. (S3E16)


Sairah- Paris and Doyle Hip Hop Dancing (S7E9)

I think the picture below speaks for itself…


Cassie- Founders Punch Drunk!Paris (S5E18)

Paris is always pretty amazing when it comes to crazy antics, but seeing her so bent out of shape over a guy, and incredibly drunk to boot, was too good a moment to pass up on.  Her already short temper seems to get even shorter and her running around Stars Hollow barefoot begging for change to use the pay phone is honestly my favorite thing she’s ever done.



Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life streams on Netflix starting Nov 25.

Photo Credit: The WB

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