The whole back story about Front Row Chat is coming soon!

The Front Row Chat Team:
Aubrey (Writer)

Teacher and nanny who unwinds by becoming over emotionally invested in the lives of fictional characters.

Cassie (Writer)
Writer.  Hopeless romantic.  TV obsessed fangirl.  Usually can be found spouting off about Arrow or Gilmore Girls.  Survives on coffee and crafting.  Weak-kneed for bad boys with hearts of gold.

Hannah (Co-Founder/Writer)
A TV, movie and book obsessed writer who lives off chocolate and coffee. Insomniac. Optimistic by nature. Loves to travel and explore new places. Broadway lover. Colts fan. Disney nerd. Hufflepuff and proud.

Jeni (Co-Founder/Writer)
Photographer by trade, traveler at heart.  Overly invested in the outcome of fictional stories.  Hates flying but gives in to the wanderlust.  Been blogging for as long as she can remember.  Never feels more at home than on the streets of New York City.

Sairah (Co-Founder/Writer)
First time writer so be gentle. Amateur photographer. Definitely hopeless at romance. Long time TV fanatic. If it is on TV 9 times out of 10 I’ve watched it or at least know about it. Borderline workaholic (translation: has no life). Sucker for the underdog and sarcasm is my only defense.twitter